Dropbox Sync Instructions Help

I would like to use my Dropbox account to synchronize attached files in my Zotero database, by I heard that Dropbox could corrupt Zotero database.
Would anyone be so kind to tell me if this procedure will be fine?

1) Uncheck sync of attachments with Zotero. (I wouldn't sync the attachments, but library would be still synced, right?)
2) Set Dropbox to sync just STORAGE folder in Zotero directory (This will sync the attachment without messing with Zotero database, right?)

Thank you for your feedback.
  • I didn't think you could just set dropbox to only sycronize certain folder (don't you have to place items inot the dropbox folder?) but if you can, yes this should work.*
    It's not officially supported, so no 100% guarantee, but I see no way how this could affect your database integrity.

    * If you can't, you can achieve the same by placing a symlink to the storage folder into the dropbox folder.
  • I am also trying to synchronize attached files in my Zotero database using Dropbox.

    Hermansky, would you mind telling us how well it went for you with your solution?

    Did it affect your database integrity at all?

    Many thanks
  • I implemented Dropbox support in ZotPad and write two installer scripts that create symbolic links to Zotero storage.

    Mac and Linux:


    Place the script in the folder where you want to create the link in (e.g. Your dropbox folder) and execute the script. There is no warranty and no support except when used with ZotPad, but it should work for other se cases as well.
  • Hi dianicus,
    I would like to help, but I did not try to use Dropbox after all previous warnings about database integrity. I use box.net instead. (5GB for free and if you have Xperia or LG Android mobile phone you can have 50GB for free as well - see their promo - http://blog.box.com/2012/02/android-users-get-50gb-free-get-your-box50gb-and-enter-the-box-mobile-giveaway/).
    I really recommend using box.net instead of Dropbox.
    Hope it helps.
  • edited September 18, 2012
    I don't see why box.net (now box.com) would be better than dropbox, since they basically work the same way. Hermansky, have you actually tried it and found that it works?
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