Replacing citations with a copy from different library

The biggest annoyance with Zotero that I have is merging documents that have been written using two different libraries. The new "Open in [library]" button in the QuickFormat dialog helps this a bit because it shows which library a particular citation comes from. There is room for another button by that button, and I propose that this is used for a button that allows me to replace a citation with a copy from another library. And this would be perfect if the citation picker that this button opened would have a checkbox that would allow me to replace all copies of the citation at the same time.

(Also the preferred library approach that I have suggested earlier would help)
  • Very sensible proposal. This would solve persistent problems that I am having while working on a collaborative project with group libraries.
  • Follow-up question: has this request been implemented or addressed in any form? I face the same problem.

    (There are several similar threads, but I don't seem to find the current state of affairs.)
  • nothing new on this, no.
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