Packaging Zotero for GNU/Linux distributions


First off, thanks for the great tool that's Zotero!

Being a Linux user and packager for Fedora, I'd like to ask if it would be possible to package Zotero for that distribution?

Knowing that such a distribution (and potentially others) has xulrunner already provided as a separate package, and thus Zotero's source code, or build scripts may require *very slight* modifications in order to build correctly; would it still be possible to package Zotero, whilst using the same name which has been trademarked?

Are there any other requirements that a packager has to meet, regarding Zotero (the code base and the trademark)?


  • I know that Zotero intends for packaging to happen by third parties (like you), along the lines of what mozilla does, so this is definitely possible in general and I can't imagine they'd put up any unreasonable barriers with the trademark, but wait for someone from the actual Zotero team (sean, Simon, or Dan Stillman) for a definite answer.
  • I'm definitely looking for it! :)

    Again, this is to know if that's OK packaging Zotero (keeping that same name which has been trademarked) for a given distribution even if that would require slight changes to the build system or code base.


  • This sounds great, and using the Zotero name is fine with us. This will certainly require some changes to the way the build works, but I don't think it should require changes to the code base. If you run into any trouble, feel free to ask questions on zotero-dev.
  • Hi Simon,

    Alright, good to know!

    I'm going to also ask the Fedora packaging community for more feedback, and I'd be coming back here to ask for further clarifications, if necessary.


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