[Solved] Blank page instead of PDF after upgrading to Acrobat 10.1.3 on OS X

I am a Mac user and usually I view my PDFs files (in Zotero) through Preview. Yesterday I updated Adobe Acrobat and since then I can not anymore open my PDfs files inside Zotero. I mean, I can not open them directly but I can only use the option "Open in external viewer" in order to have the files opened by Preivew.
What happened? How Can I go back to my previous setting according which I just needed to click on the PDFs inside Zotero to have it opened with Preview?
Please help me.
Thank you.
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    This is a bug in the new version of the Acrobat plugin, which appears to break opening PDFs in Firefox. It's not really related to Zotero at all, but it probably affects a decent proportion of our users. You can disable it in Tools->Add-ons->Plug-ins, which will make PDFs open in Preview as they did before this update. You can also try the workarounds in this thread on Adobe's forums or this thread on Mozilla's forums.
  • Mozilla is now blocking the broken Acrobat plugin until Adobe fixes it.
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