Proper capitalization of personal names

As per discussion at I was trying to come up with the most general rule-set for properly capitalizing personal names. capitalizeTitle currently does not take into account things like "von Meyers" and "de Gaulle".

I have not looked at the CSL processor, but I suspect it actually has quite a complete rule-set. If so, just ignore this thread, I'll check it out later.

Looking through the Chicago Manual of Style, the capitalization rules are not super strict, but since they seem to vary from style to style and from one locale to another, I think we should lower-case most of the articles/prepositions. If necessary, these can be capitalized elsewhere.

Here is a list of articles/prepositions that I found throughout CMoS, would be nice to make this a complete (or as close as possible to a complete) list.

de, du, d', de la, de le, le, la (CMoS says la/le should be capitalized)

von, vom und zum, van, da

Italian: (CMoS says capitalie in all cases)
d', da, de, della, del(?)

van, van den, ter

y, de (la|los|las)?, del

Arabic: (CMoS says capitalize)
abu, abd, ibn, al-, el-
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