Deleting attachment & notes

I can use the delete key to delete an item. I cannot use the delete key to delete a note, attachment, etc. under an item. Instead, I have to right-click each item individually. I hope this is just an oversight and the ability to delete stuff attached to an item is available in the next version, or if there is something I'm missing please let me know.

This is particularly time inefficient as I'm doing a massive edit of the 3000 records brought in from Endnote, and a lot of editing is required.
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    use control+delete - this is to protect you from permanently deleting items by accident. As long as you're in "My Library" and not in a collection you can also use delete, but you'd have to test that.
  • Thanks Adam. I'm not quite sure why an item can be DELETE with the warning dialog box and the attachments are CONTROL-DELETE. Both risk the same accidental erasure. Very happy to know about the 2-key shortcut!
  • If you use delete for an item in a collection it doesn't get deleted, just removed from the collection (hence no need to confirm either). It will still be in "My Library" and in all other collections it may be in.
  • is it also possible to delete a linked file when deleting an item in zotero?
  • I don't think so, no. Stored files yes, linked files no.
  • How do I delete a linked PDF under notes and attachments, it was put into the file in error and I want it gone
  • You can remove the attached link to the file either by right-clicking it and selecting "Move to Trash" or using Shift+Delete (at least on Windows). This will not remove the file from your computer.
  • Same problem, wrong file attached. However when in the view were I can see the attachment file and I right click on the pdf I do not get a delete, remove, move, or any similar options, only option to open, save or copy. In the edit view I cannot see the attachements.
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