import word and pdf files from desktop to zotero

I have already a huge amount of data in other files (on the desktop of my computer), which I have collected before knowing that I will use zotero. There are two kinds of problems regarding files import:

1. When I try to drag and drop them into zotero (from desktop), I can only change the filename but nothing else (the window where one can add information detail does not appear), but I bibliographic reference without date etc. is useless.. how can I add the information detail for imported files?

2. When I try to import them, with the import function my computer says “the selected file is not in a supported format”, but how can it be possible that word and pdf are not in the supported format? How can I change this?

If anybody knows the answer to my problems, I would be very thankful!


  • 1) When you drag and drop an item, it is stored as a stand alone attachment. You can create an item that will store this attachment by right clicking and selecting "Create parent item from attachment" or "Retrieve metadata for PDF". The latter is recommended because Zotero will try to detect what the PDF is and will then fill in the details of that article for you.

    Alternatively, you can use the green "plus" button to create a new item and then drag the attachment to the item.

    2) Import means importing reference databases, not article files.
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