Can two Zotero files be combined

Is it possible to combine in one Zotero file two Zotero files. So I want to have Zotero on two computers and then from time to time to combine the files so that I have access to the complete file from either computer. Can this be done easily wiht Zotero, if not, is it planned as a feature in the future.

Thanks for your help.

Paul Duignan
  • The only way to do this currently would be by exporting on one computer and importing on the other. Import/export functionality isn't entirely without issues at the moment, but it should work decently well.

    Synching multiple Zotero libraries is definitely a planned feature for the future, however.
  • For what it's worth, I also would really like to be able to do this and am glad it's planned for future releases.

    David Suisman
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    I have the same problem, a zotero database at work and one at home. I am trying to combine them so that I don't have to copy from one to the other (almost) every day.

    I have exported one using the Zotero RDF option including files and notes. Then I import into the other. All well and good, files came across etc. But the publication, volume and issue fields are all blank. Not much use like this, I'm afraid.

    Is this something I'm doing?

    Zotero 1.0.3
    MSWord and OOo extensions 1.0b3
    Win XP and Ubuntu Linux 7.04

  • I solve this problem by running Firefox Portable with a Zotero extension on a data stick (Sandisk Cruser 4 G, which comes with a "partitioned disk" which allows easy software installation). I only use this version directly off the data stick without using the home or work computer apps or files except to backup. I have added a Firefox addin, "Switch Proxy Tool" so I can easily switch depending on which environment I am in. The only problem I have had with this setup as far as computer access goes, (which I solved today) was that the local network at work would not let me look at the work homepage, however this was easily fixed with an addition to the proxy exceptions.
    Other than that, its just a case of remembering to unplug and carry the stick!
  • Any updates about merging multiple libraries with Zotero 2.0.2?

    I used Firefox multiple profile setup to create two Zotero libraries on the same computer during my Endnote/Zotero export/import process. (I wanted to monitor any problems without corrupting my first 'clean' library.) Now I am happy with the second library and have no need for two and wish to merge them both. Is RDF export/import the way to go? What about the possible field corruption issues (e.g. publication, volume, issue number... see post above), have these been fixed?

  • Peter - now you can just sync the two libraries which is exactly the same as merging. This thread pre-dates the sync feature.
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