Internet explorer connector is still planned?

Thanks for the great work. For a reason or another I use often IE. Some time ago I saw some lines announcing an upcoming Connector.

Is it still planned? If yes, what is the time span that one needs to wait (weeks, months, years)?
Thanks again
  • it's still planned, I've seen the first images of it working on Twitter so time span is certainly not years and more likely weeks than months.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply. Looking forward to it.
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    three months since...
    just curious to know if there is any updated news. Thank you so much again for any feedback.
  • I'm also curious to know if there is any updated news on this.

    I'm restricted to IE at work, so I'd love to know if Zotero will soon be usable from IE.

    Thank you!
  • Any word on this? @adamsmith I saw the tweets back then too.
  • Bump.
    Is there still anything planned?
  • The IE Bookmarklet is in alpha!topic/zotero-dev/ZWCe86B3OCw and will probably be released as a beta in a couple of weeks.
  • @adamsmith,
    many thanks for signalling the progress.
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