My Library: search / filter with tags

When trying to select/search for entries in My Library (using the My Library tab in zotero's website), I encounter the following:
after selecting a tag, the left hand shows the taglist with the selected tag on top (seems to be OK), and on the right hand a spinning wheel shows, and after some time the following line is displayed twice:

Something went wrong but we're not sure what.

After some time these two lines disappear, but no results of the filtering are shown.
Clicking the selected tag apparently 'unselects' the tab, and all entries are shown again (seems the correct behaviour).
  • The web lead for Zotero mentioned in a different thread that that is something that appears on browsers that don't support the HTML 5 history API, which enables control over the forward-back button behavior. The errors should be harmless, and are due to be suppressed soon.
  • What is your browser / OS?
    It may be as ajlyon said, but that error message just means it got a response with a 500 error code (something went wrong with the request on the server that wasn't expected) so this could be something else too.
  • fcheslack: I have seen this behaviour using the combinations:
    Firefox 5.0 / Ubuntu 11.04
    Firefox 6.0 / WinXP
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