Attachment order (and reordering)

When a record has more than one attachment (e.g. five chapters in PDF attached to a book), it seems possible to reorder them by dragging and dropping. When doing so, there even appears a little black bar indicating the desired position (just like drag and drop reordering works in the native Windows interface).

However, it actually doesn't work: when I drop the attachment at its new place, it ends up as a reference on its own instead of being subsumed under the reference where it belongs. Then, I can only bring it back by dragging it onto its own reference, which restores the original order of the attachments.

What determines the order of attachments? (It seems to be 'date added', but that's not always helpful or wanted). Can I reorder them?
  • edited January 7, 2008
    Right now attachments are sorted by "date added." There is a ticket to add a preference that would sort attachments by title rather than chronologically.
  • OK. If drag-n-drop reordering will not be implemented, it might be a good idea to get rid of the suggestive UI feature that makes a black line occur while dragging around an attachment (or constrain that line only to main records).
  • Ticket created—thanks Mark.

    Child attachments will sort by title by default in 1.0.3, with a sortAttachmentsChronologically pref to revert to dateAdded (like there is for notes currently).
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