High level of tax on Storage purchase?

Hi Everyone,

This may seem a bit dumb but I have just purchased the extra storage 10GB for $100 and upon checkout it said $100now + $105 USD tax per year........Do I understand that I have to pay an additional $105 a year fore the storage. if so it seems crazy that the tax is higher than the product value. Sorry if there is a simple answer but in the UK tax is always included in the price (unless your buying construction materials)
  • no, that's a quirk of how google pay displays recurring charges - you pay 100$ for the first year and 105$ for subsequent years - so you'll pay 105$ in one year. I didn't even know it was displayed as "tax", but that just means it's a recurring charge.

    You don't have to pay any taxes on this due to the arcane sales tax regulations of the US.
  • Thanks very much for clearing that up, makes much more sense.
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