Error Report ID: 155066620

I'm unable to sync. Getting the error "'18' is not a valid field for type 13". I have several local changes that I've been unable to sync yet, so would prefer not to restore from the servers.

  • Provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the error.
  • I though I had provided the ID in the subject line. That's the only number I get. I followed the directions in the pop-up dialog (which says to submit that number) and the directions for debugging output, but I never receive anything that says it's a "debug id", only a "report ID".
  • my post includes a link to instructions for obtaining debug output and ID.
  • Ok, I reread the instructions, looked around, and discovered where to find the debug id. Here it is:

  • No, you didn't follow the instructions. We need debug output for the sync attempt.
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    Ok. How about this? D1219153543

    Process seems needlessly complicated, btw, though I do appreciate all the help.
  • That's fine.

    What's complicated about it? You turn on debug output logging, perform the action, and submit it. That's about as simple as it gets.
  • I think it's the fact that the initial error report, when you send it, gives you an ID, which it then tells you to submit to the Zotero forums. Then, after submitting, you discover that you need a debug ID. The debug ID, though, rather then being reported in the error window, is found through the Preferences window. Perhaps I should say, it's not the process per se that's complicated, but the UI that gets you the required information is misleading at first, then just in a strange place. I'm sure there's a reason why the code is this way, but it seems like it'd be simpler either to just use the report ID after enabling debugging, move the debugging output away from the preferences (where it makes no sense), or change the text in the error report to indicate that the number won't actually help when you report it.

    That, of course, is more a UI complaint/suggestion, I suppose.

    Thanks again for the help.
  • Report IDs and Debug IDs are different things that provide different information. We need Debug IDs only in certain rare situations. adamsmith asked you for one because this problem has been reported before and he knows we need a Debug ID for this.

    Report IDs cover the entire time since you last started Firefox. Debug IDs cover a specific time period, which is why there's a different interface.
  • Thanks for the explanation.
  • If you're still getting this error, could you upload your database to the DB Repair Tool and e-mail the Upload ID the tool provides to, with a link to this thread? Don't post the Upload ID here. You can ignore the download link the tool provides for now, since it probably won't fix your error.
  • Ok. Uploaded and sent the email. Thanks.
  • OK, this should be fixed in the latest 2.1 Branch dev XPI. It should be safe to use, but you should still make sure you have a backup of your Zotero data directory for good measure.

    After the sync goes through, you can (and should) switch back to 2.1.8 from the home page.
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