Syncing PDFs with markup?

I'm new to to Zotero and a little confused about what is synced. Can I share references with a group and have the PDF shared. Does the actual PDF file on my computer get shared, so any markup I do to it will get disseminated across the group, and any changes made by other group members, synced back to me?

  • Yes you can share the pdf, but only for closed groups (for copyright reasons).
    Yes, the actual pdf on your computer is shared, so if the mark-up is written to the pdf (as it is using e.g. Adobe or pdfXchange) - that does get synced.
  • Thanks. That's good to know. I'm only interested in sharing reference libraries and pdfs with my collaborators, so closed groups is perfect.

    However, is there any form of conflict management if 2 people in a group both make modifications to a reference (or attached file) before syncing?

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    yes - a conflict dialogue will come up during syncing - for data that dialogue allows merging, but for files (I believe) you'd have to pick one version.

    Edit: I should clarify that in order to share files with groups you need to use Zotero storage, which is for-pay above 100MB of stored files.
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