Safari conector issues

First things first, I am a big fan of Zotero, have been using it since early versions for Firefox and I love it. I tried other tools and simply couldn't get used to them, so, good job!

I have been waiting for a standalone version for a while, specially since Firefox started eating the life out of my computer's ram memory... it leaks pretty bad.
So, I was happy to see the standalone version even if it is on its early stages.

Because you can't possibly test all the possibilities of what work and what doesn't, here I go. My setup: I am running Zotero Standalone Alpha and the connector for Safari 5.0.4 on Mac OSX 10.6.7 (intel 64bit).

Here are the the new item creations I've tried:
- or tries to create the item (the little progress box appears but nothing gets written on it) but doesn't succeed. Nothing shows on Zotero. I can't tell if it is a translator issue or something else (if there is a way to check that, tell me and I will gladly post the result).
- Elsevier ( and JPSJ ( work like magic, saves the relevant pdf on its own too.
- : articles from IOP journals are not even recognized as items to be created on Zotero.

This is what I have tested so far. Will post more feedback once I try more (obscure) journals.

Thanks for the hard work!
  • The key thing is whether a page works in Zotero+Firefox but doesn't work in the connectory.

    IOP is currently not supported by Zotero at all.

    Can you give some APS and AIP example URLs?
  • Easy piece:

    - the examples: (this one also wasn't recognized by the connector)

    - about iop, this url works on firefox and it is also not recognized by the safari connector+standalone:

    And both APS and AIP work perfectly of Firefox, I have been importing stuff from them for years using Zotero.
  • IOP actually uses the DOI translator - (hover over the icon in the URL bar to see) - it recognizes the DOI on the page and the grabs the article from CrossRef.
    That's not (yet) possible with the extensions and isn't trivial to do, though I understand it's going to happen eventually.
  • To Adam.
    I guess I will end up learning at least a bit about how this thing works. For now I am just a user trying to improve her favorite reference tool. But I am pretty much dumb (hopefully less dumb by the comment) when it comes to how the tool does its thing.
    Thanks for the input!
  • AIP and IOP are both using DOI detection, which works smoothly, but isn't yet supported by the connectors.

    I'll look into APS.
  • No -- what you're reporting is important. We need this feedback to make Zotero the tool it is.
  • No worries, I don't intent to stop reporting, I just meant I am learning as I go ;)
  • These work by DOI too (and thus aren't recognized as new items to be created on the standalone + Safari connector version but are fine on Firefox + Zotero):

    Nature works fine.
  • Ok. No need to report further sites that use DOIs and don't work in Standalone. Sites that have dedicated translators and work in standard Z, but not standalone, are worth reporting.
  • Another translator which doesn't work on the Standalone version (same thing as APS):
  • Hi, I just found this thread (hopefully people are still checking it).

    I have just installed the Safari extension + Standalone and found the following site won't save to the database with Safari but does save with Zotero+Firefox:
  • Which translator are they using in Firefox (hover over the icon in the URL bar to see) - if it says DOI read the rest of this thread.
  • Thanks for your reply. When I hover over the icon it says "Save to Zotero (Embedded RDF)"

    Hope this helps.
  • Embedded RDFs are the same story as DOIs - only sites with dedicated translators currently work in standalone. Obviously this will be fixed eventually.
  • There's now a knowledge base article on these translators:
  • The zotero connector for safari just stopped working for me for no reason. Pressing the "Z" Button in Safari (while having the standalone Zotero running) has no effect on any page anymore.

    My Setup is Safari 5.1 on a Mac with OS Lion (10.7) and I would really appreciate if I could get this fixed because I'm in the middle of my PhD thesis and really need this plugin.

  • If you need to get things working immediately, you could try installing Zotero for Firefox, or see if the Chrome Connector works. We'll be releasing a new version of Zotero Standalone and the connectors shortly, either toward the end of this week or early next week.
  • Thanks man, I'll use the firefox plugin till then.
  • How's it going with an update of the standalone?
  • The first beta of Standalone 3.0 should be out in a matter of days; it was pre-announced today on the developer mailing list:
  • Had a quick look at it and I have to say that i'm impressed. Great job!
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