Ending citation in OOo


When I insert a citation in a footnote in OOo (using chicago style), the citation field isn't closed, so I can't insert another citation after that. I manage to do this by creating a new line and then erasing it, but maybe there is an more convenient way.

Tank you
  • I've got the same problem, After I insert a citation in OpenOffice and want to continue writing it keeps continuing inside the field (grey border) inserted by zotero and I cant get out of it unless I previously inserted a sign after the citation or as Antonin said by creating a new line and erasing it again. Maybe there is a OOo shortcut for getting out of the field but I haven't found it yet.
  • I noticed that one way around this is to create a space before the citation. This is a pragmatic fix for the bug, but clearly someone needs to work on it. I wish I new how to program.

    I hope they fix this soon because I love Zotero!
  • Unfortunately there is still no fix to this very annoying problem.

    Both workarounds are problematic, because then you cannot edit later the second citation.

    Please fix this problem!
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