Boolean tagging

I sometimes feel that I would be nice to be able to set exclusion tags in the search field at the left hand side (not only inclusion tags like it is now), like in Boolean logic. If I an exclusion tag is added to the search, all entries having that tag will be EXCLUDED from the search. It would be great to have a switch that will allow for exlude and include tags in a different color.

include tags: +constructivist, +history --> will find all entries tagged with both tags
exclude tag: +constructivist, +history, –psychology --> will exclude all entries tagged with psychology from the first search

  • you can already do that using the advanced search feature and Tag "is not" or Tag "does not contain"
    putting that into the tag interface sounds very trick UI-wise.
  • putting that into the tag interface sounds very trick UI-wise
    Just a thought, but wouldn't alt-clicking on tags to exclude them work ok? the logic would be:

    • Click - select tag
    • Alt click - exclude tag
    • Ctrl/cmd click - select multiple tags
    • Ctrl/cmd + alt click - exclude multiple tags

      Excluded tags could have red/orange highlighting instead of blue.

      Now, whether it is worth implementing given that advanced searchs/saved searches can do this is another question.
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