Website Type

My first question is: What is "Website Type"?

My second question is: Why did I have to post in a forum to try to find this out?

I have searched high and low for the past hour on the Zotero website searching for some kind of glossary function and have found it lacking. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough but I am frustrated as hell with this website by now!

There a number of info slots that are not obvious regarding what they mean, or may be limited to a certain citation style, but it is hard to know since citation styles are constantly changing. Website type, DOI, Series Text are just a few. I don't know what these things are and I don't know if I should populate these slots with information.

How is it that there is no webpage under "Support" that defines these terms and provides examples of when and how they should be used?!

If I've missed this somewhere then please excuse the rant and direct me to the appropriate section. Thank you.
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