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I've been playing with the Wikipedia citation template feature a bit today (and have toyed with it in days past). Is it supposed to be at, say, a beta stage? Or more like an alpha? I can't get it to reliably import back in what I exported out. For example, I exported out a book section and it imported back in as a book. There are other quirks, like formatting a bibliographic record for a volume where only an editor and no author is listed, but the import issue is the biggest.

Here is a Wikipedia page I was working with if anyone has any suggestions:
  • If the items are showing up on Wikipedia properly formatted (i.e. with all metadata in the right places), then everything is working on our end. If things are not importing back into Zotero properly, then something is probably wrong with the way that Wikipedia is converting its own citation templates into COinS tags. And that is precisely what's happening. You might want to get in touch with someone at Wikipedia who works on these things (e.g. Omegatron, whose contact info you can find by searching for his username on this forum).
  • This is a minor bug in the WP citation templates.

    rft.genre should probably be 'bookitem' if "chapter" is present.

    The if/then logic available for WP templates has historically been pretty poor, so I don't know if an "ifnot" or an "else" is available. Omegatron would know.
  • Yes, it is possible. Ask me on my talk page next time and I'll see it a lot sooner.

    I wasn't really planning on being the only person who maintains COinS, but I guess I'm stuck with the job. :)
  • Sorry--I see that you noticed that I raised the point at the template talk page (I didn't think you'd be the only person to maintain COinS on WP either!) time, I'll try to ping you.
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