Import PDFs from my folder

I would like to know if zotero, nowadays, can watch my pdf folder, and import into zotero all the pdf I store there. This is like what Mendeley does. If not, how is the development of this feature en the new 2.0 (and later) versions of Zotero? I could be a really good feature because if I add a new pdf in that folder, Zotero automatically add it.

A second question, when we import a pdf, can zotero extract the metadata of the pdf file and search it on the web and download the complete citation? It could be a really good feature also.

And the third question. Can Zotero organize automatically (by authors, journal, year, etc) the pdf files of my watched folder, creating subfolders or any other? And rename the pdf files automatically with the same categories?

If none of the features I'm asking for are still developed, is there any intention to develop in the future? If they already exist, how can I get and use them?

I think these features are nowadays better in Mendeley software, but I still try to resist in using it because y prefer open source solutions.

Thanks for all, and hope positive answers!

  • 1. No, I don't think it's planned, either - the idea is that the main way to get data into Zotero is not by importing pdfs, but by using translators

    2. Yes
    works quite well, too.

    3. No, it can't. The Zotfile plugin may do some of this, though, have a look:

    I don't think 1 and 3 are high on the development agenda, either.
  • I'm using Zotero for around 6 years and really like it, but without these features I have to move to Mendeley.
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