Exporting cb2bib .bib and importing in Zotero

Hi all,
I've just started using Zotero and cb2bib. I am trying to export a list of references from cb2bib (in .bib format) and importing to zotero. When I try to import to zotero I have an error message (check the file format). The only way I can import to zotero is first importing in Bibus and then export a new .bib file which then is accepted by zotero. I would like to avoid this step.
Do you know if I need to have specific settings in cb2bib to allow zotero reding the .bib file?

  • This is probably due to the character set of the BibTeX file. Can you copy the cb2bib output & import from the clipboard?
  • Yes I've also tried to copy in the clipboard but I have the same result. I was thinking that maybe is due to the line indicating the location of the pdf on my machine.
  • Unlikely. Feel free to put a minimum failing example (e.g. a single item) in a <code/> block here.
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