List of [sub]collections an item belongs to?

I know you can press ctrl to see the subcollections highlighted, but it would be really useful to be able to see a simple list of all the collections/subcollections my item is in, similar to the Tags or Related lists (which I never really use).

Not sure the best way to implement this without adding extra clutter, but maybe just an entry in the Info section? Or a context menu option?

  • As my collections become more complex, I'm coming to agree that this would be good. I would split the Related tab to add collection memberships, in the form of a list of collection names.

    I propose this as a person who uses the Related item system quite heavily and who has a tiny screen -- there is still enough real estate for collection memberships, which can be rather difficult to keep track of on small screens and with messy or complicated hierarchies.
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    So I added a cheap temporary solution to this to the Zotero add-on I wrote (but only update very infrequently). It's called ZoteRename and can be downloaded here:

    You can see the website for features, but the relevant one here is that you can right-click and select a menu option to show a popup listing the selected item's collections and subcollections.

    I'd certainly prefer to have this information accessible in a more straightforward way (ie: in the Item panel on the right), but this will have to do until I have more free time.
  • I'm not seeing this menu -- I installed the XPI, I can open and use the preferences window, but I see no such menu.
  • Oops... I uploaded the new version but I forgot to update the link. You should be able to download it now on that page.
  • I also have this request. It would be nice to be able to add several items to my library and be able to come back and sort them into subcollections at a later time, but that requires a fast, easy way to find items that are not sorted. Making the highlighting of the containing subcollection always on, rather than requiring one to press "ctrl" would be a start. Having an option to automatically put new items in a subcollection (say, an "unsorted" folder...the same way is done with bookmarks in Firefox) would be even better.
  • I'd like to vote for both features: "find non-collection items" and "show collections an item is in". I have a simple solution (I think) which is to add "Collections" to the list of addable item attributes in the item list table (middle pane). That way I can read/see how many collections an item is in, and also sort on that value so items with blank (no collections) would be displayed first/last.
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