Error Report ID 2022423678 - syncing

I am repeatedly getting an error from syncing, even after restarting firefox and computer. So I sent the error report and am posting as suggested. Any tips welcome!
  • This indicates a problem with your network environment (Firefox, security software, proxy, etc.), but try the latest 2.0 Branch dev XPI, which should work around this issue.
  • Thanks very much - especially for very fast response time! It is working now.
  • Great. We'll be releasing 2.0.9, which will include this workaround, within the next week or so, at which point you can switch back to that from You can ignore any auto-updates for Zotero offered to you in the meantime, so those will just be other dev builds.
  • OK, thanks again. I was so impressed with fast turnaround, on top of my general enthusiasm about Zotero, that I went and made a small donation.
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