procite importing from bibliographies

What is the easiest way to import data from Procite?
  • While I am not particularly tuned in to how procite works the easiest way to migrate your collection would probably be RIS export. I think you can use the RIS-EndNote Style to export your collection in RIS and then follow roughly the same directions as migrating from Endnote
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    Yes, that works! Thank you for posting the excellent suggestion, Tjowens.

    Here are the steps I took (for others who might want to do this)
    1) Download the RIS-Endnote Style that Tjowens suggested.
    2) Save it in your Procite/Styles directory.
    3) Re-load Procite, select the entries you wish to export and choose "print biblio" from the menu.
    4) Next to the output style drop-down list, click the small triangle and choose "configure output style list" (there are other ways to get there, too).
    5) Select the new RIS-Endnote Style, and click ok.
    6) Save the file as text only (Zotero does not currently recognize RTF, the default format).
    7) Import into Zotero.
  • If you make sure the keyword-fields are also exported, Zotero imports these as tags perfectly well. That's a major advantage!
  • Following the instructions, I have just exported alarge citation list from ProCite into RIS format, then imported them into Zotero. The import worked fine, except for the Book Chapter items. There, Zotero missed the chapter title, and listed the editor(s) of the book as "contributors." I checked those items in the RIS file, and the data was indeed present.

    So--Is this a bug in Zotero, or a problem in the way ProCite creates a RIS export?
  • So--Is this a bug in Zotero, or a problem in the way ProCite creates a RIS export?
    Could you post a single Book Chapter entry from the RIS file so that we can take a look?
  • The whole trouble with the Title is that it is wrongly marked as T2, where it should be T1. I tried to edit the exported file manualy, changed the first T2 in a record to T1 and it worked. I suppose it will be something similar with the editors vs. contributors.
  • Changing the T2 into T1 fixes the book title, but the A2 field(s), which contain the book editor(s), continue to be imported as "Contributor" rather than "Editor." This seems like a problem on the Zotero import filter end?
  • As above, the T1/T2 issue is a problem with ProCite's output:

    The contributor vs. editor issue is messier. RIS does not define explicitly the many creator types available to either Zotero or in newer data exchange formats. ProCite is correct to export an editor to A2 (although "ED" may be less ambiguous (at least intuitively)). However, if Zotero imported A2 as "editor," there'd likely be complaints about other creator types (including "contributor") being incorrectly imported as "editors."
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