Sync issue

I've set up custom webdav server which stores about 1.5 GB of data.
Now with my laptop I'm using a reset functionality in zotero to clear all local data and download everything from server. It all goes ok and in several hours almost whole library is on the laptop. But the sync stuck at around last megabyte of one last file, the rounded arrow continues to spin but progress doesn't go any further. I restart firefox then, otero starts syncing automatically, I hover cursor over sync progress bar and it shows:
uploads: none
downloads: 57,234kB remaining (0/1 files) or it was (2/3 files sometimes)
then it goes down to about 1MB and stuck again. I restarted again and the situation repeats: from 57 mb to near 1Mb and stuck.

I did a "Repor Errors ...". There were some errors submitted, the number is 1112930831.
  • Provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the error.
  • The Debug ID is D1839534603
  • That output appears to show a complete sync. Is that not the case?

    If not, restart Firefox, enable debug output, attempt a sync (once), and then immediately send in the Debug ID and provide a Report ID.
  • It started from 57 MB again.
    Report ID 990233974
    Debug ID D1616205730.
  • And one more question. I have a .doc file attached to an item in zotero, sometimes I make changes to it adding some text. Should those changes be detected and updated on the webdav server side? I'm asking this because it seems like they're not detected. After synchronizing, which as you can see can't finish I see a very outdated version of this .doc on synced laptop.
  • Well, that debug output appears to show a 46MB file being uploaded successfully, but you sent in the error report before it actually completed.

    Also, is your Zotero data directory stored within Dropbox by any chance? I see a "conflicted copy" of a translator in your debug output. Unless you're extremely careful using Dropbox with your Zotero data directory can cause serious problems, and it's not a supported configuration.
  • And yes, files modified locally should be automatically synced.

    Also, you're getting a file conflict during the sync, which should cause Zotero to display a conflict resolution dialog.
  • Yes 2 files were conflicting I choose which ones I want to have and now it shows
    Uploads ~57MB (0/1 files).

    I sent another debug log.
    Repord ID 2123035544
    Debug ID D904301383

    I used Dropbox before and actually it was a best working solution up to now but it produced too much those conflicting copies eating disk space. I tried some other methods like rsync and network filesystems, and those did not give me reliable solution. Only rdp or Nx connection I guess would work reliable, but that has not anything to do with syncing and having local copies.

    So I thought about zotero's native way, and set that webdav thing sharing current woking copy of zotero folder. No dropbox syncing was done for about a month but the Dropbox folder is still in a place as well as some "conflicting" files.
  • I removed That file from my laptop and from currently in work computer, which has zotero folder with latest changes. The dialog with uploding 57 mB no disappeared. But I can't get that updated file on a laptop via syncing. As I guess the problem is that changes are not uploaded to the webdav server.

    May be I set it up uncorrectly, are there any nuances?

    After enabling webdav server should it be empty or not? In my case it had whole latest library and I was making resets from remote computers, downloading library from webdav server.
  • I'm not sure what your last paragraph means, exactly. You should never need to use the reset functionality in normal usage of Zotero. All you need to do is sync.
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