Zotero Skydrive WebDAV

I get the following error msg when verifying my file syncing server:

XXXXXXX is not a valid WebDAV URL

My particulars:
Webclient service started and IIS installed
Zotero 2.0.3

I used Skydrive Simple Viewer to get my WebDAV address. I can mount my Skydrive in windows explorer.

From reading the forums on this topic as well as syncing with other services, it seems that the only requirements are that one have a valid WebDAV server and address along with the password. I simplified my password to minimize this error, however I still get an invalid WebDAV server error. So it seems I am missing something. Many of the threads are mixed since they deal with 1.5.

Am I missing something in my setup or can't this be done?
  • I don't use skydrive, but there have been other reports that it is problematic:
  • I realise this is a very old post, but for other searchers...

    I get the same error in SkyDrive and can't find any solutions by googling.

    So, an alternative: I set up a MyDrive account (http://www.mydrive.net - 2GB free) which seems to play nicely with Zotero using the location https://webdav.mydrive.ch

    Only just set it up, will report back if it falls over once I get everything synced.

    (with apologies to zotero folk for being a cheapskate)
  • How can I setup ZOTERO with Skydrive?
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