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has anyone problems using Zotero with a Mac?

When I drag and drop from my library to a text in Pages (that is Word for Mac):
1. I'm not able to use the Author-Date function; every time I move drag something in my text from My Library it gives to me the complete citation, even if I choose the 'Author-Date' options in the preferences.

2. The website says that when I drag and drop something from Zotero to my text, Zotero creates automatically a numbered and alphabetized bibliography but I don't see anything, just the entire citation, even if I added several of them; there is not any numbered or alphabetized bibliography.

Also, do anyone knows if it is possible to have the 'adding during writing' function in Zotero-Mac? Drag and drop is ok, but it would be much better if the system shows you all the possible citations as soon as you start to type the name of an author. Endnote for MC and probably for Mac also, can do that.

Any suggestion?
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    Pages isn't "Word for Mac" - Pages is a different word processor - Zotero has a plugin for Open Office and Word - both including the Mac versions - that make a lot of things easier and in many cases possible - among other things, automatic creation of bibliographies doesn't work without the plugin, and, as you note, it's clumsier overall.

    There are good reasons that there is no plugin for pages - you can search the forum to find out.

    For the specific issue 1) there is a solution, though: If you just hold "shift" while dragging Zotero will give you only the citation.
  • Ok, thanks. I saw that this one has been a big topic in the past. English is not my first language but if I have understood well, there is no way to use Zotero in Page properly.

    Any suggestion about what I can do? Do I have to start to use MC or OpenOffice to obtain the full Zotero's functions? Any news about what Apple wants to do with Zotero or other citation programs?

  • For now, you are really much better off using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice, or using the RTF Scan functionality. Apple hasn't responded to any of our requests to collaborate on adding support for Zotero to Pages, but enough people ask Apple to help us add Pages support to Zotero at the Pages feedback form, perhaps someday they will.
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