I just would like to know if it is finally possible to have ISSN numbers in bibliography listings. According to bdarcus commnet from May 25th 2009 in reply to request to add it:
>>Sure; I see no problem adding new identifiers.
(in thread
I would assume it would be implemented by now, but I do not see any reference to it in or anywhere else. I think ISSN is vital to have valid journal article bibliography in many citation styles. I really miss it, because it is madatory piece of valid ISO-690 bibliography record and ISO-690 is obligatory style used in all our University published materials.
  • it's not currently possible, no.
    There are workarounds using the "Extra" field, but that's all there is at the moment.
  • Mapping of ISSN to CSL: I use the ISBN and DOI Tag in my personal CSL file to sort published entries.
    I really wish I could use ISSN also to cover all at the present used types. Is this not even planned for the future?
  • it's planned - because it requires csl change it might not make it into Zotero 3.0 final, but not even that seems to me to be totally out of the question at this time.:
    As you can take from this, ISSN will also be added to other item types, though that's almost certainly not going to be in 3.0.
  • Thanks for the info. I think ISSN in CSL and a possible ISO-690 validation will be a big step for Zotero/CSL.
  • still not possible?
  • CSL 1.0.1 added the "ISSN" CSL variable, but Zotero fields have not been updated (this is planned).
    In the meantime, I think you can place in the Extra field:
    ISSN: 2105-0937
    and adjust the style you're using accordingly.
  • Yes, what Gracile says will work.
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