Youtube Translator

I am using the latest version of Zotero and it would seem that Zotero does not download Youtube videos for attachment archiving. I have read other threads on this site that Youtube stopped downloading videos, but then it was fixed.

Youtube videos don't seem to get attached whatsoever, and I tried to check the actual translator and I wasn't sure if I could see any code that explicitly downloads the FLV.

Thanks for any info
  • If you look at the translator source, you will see a section commented out, starting on line 146. That section was used to grab the FLV via Techcrunch -- you can try to re-enable it and see if it works.

    I don't know what it was disabled, but the increased data transfer demands of syncing may have had something to do with it.
  • It was disabled because the third-party hack it used stopped working. (Downloading YouTube videos without a download progress indicator in Zotero is also not ideal.)
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