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I am wondering if it is possible to associate multiple tags at once? I like being able to drag and drop the item on the tag list at left to avoid having to type each time but as far as I can tell I can't drag and drop on multiple tags. Is this correct? Would be cool to have a checkbox next to each tag so that I could simply select the item and then check all the tags that are appropriate.

Please let me know if I am overlooking this kind of functionality in the current install (2.0.3)


  • I agree with the above.

  • I also agree - that would be a useful feature.
  • I need that feature. I would like to be able to select multiple biblio items, and assign them multiple tags simultaneously.
    Or, when clicking on "Add" button in the "Tags" tab, the text entry box could show a drop down list of tags, then concatenate them as the user selects them. It's annoying to open text box repeatedly for every tag I want to slap on a biblio item.
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    you can add tags to multiple titles by marking the titles in the list by right-clicking, then drag and drop them onto the respective tag in the tag list (on the lower left), then drag and drop the next tag and so on

    hope this helps

    don't know how to delete tags from mulitple titles at once though
  • I would really love to be able to insert a list of tags on one line say using semicolon as a separator. At the moment the tag entry (on standalone 3.0b2.1 on Debian) is VERY slow. Brilliant program otherwise and I'm hardly missing EndNote at all.
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    cpsyctc: Close the tag selector in the bottom left to speed it up.
  • I have it closed. Still slow. First time I closed it, things improved, but not since. But I think we're getting off thread!
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    someone has or is in the process of submitting a patch like you describe:
    sounds like some of this comes in form of a plugin that you might be able to use right away, w/o any manual patching (which I wouldn't recommend unless you're feeling very experimental).
  • Yes, I submitted a patch that allows you to add multiple tags at once and it was merged into the master branch, I think. The delimiter character is newline, so it's slightly tricky if you want to type in multiple tags at once into the box.... You could type them into a separate text editor and then copy and paste.

    Also, I made a plugin that lets you copy all of the tags from one item to the clipboard with newline as the delimiter so you can easily copy and paste all tags from one item to another by using the patch and the plugin together. The plugin is at:
  • Willshanks,

    I just tried adding zutilo and my firefox 10.0.2 version tells me that "this add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt". Is there an update needed? If so, is one available? Thanks for this great feature.
  • rgwhite,

    one problem was that the plugin had Firefox 9.0 set as the maximum version. I changed this so that there is no maximum version now (it is hard to keep up with all of the Firefox updates). I am not sure if the version mismatch would give the "appears to be corrupt" error. The plugin works for me now with Firefox 12 and the latest release of Zotero. You can post any other issues with the plugin on github if you like.
  • willshanks - do you know if your patch is implemented in the main branch now? I'm running Firefox Zotero 3.0.8 under Window 7, and can't add multiple tags copied using your plug-in. It occurs to me that your plug-in could perhaps be extended to allow paste as well as copy - so you could paste copied to tags to one or more selected items?
  • @Matthew Dodd: no, the patch has been added to the trunk (zotero dev branch). It should be in the next major release (3.5) I think.
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    Matthew, I think Gracile is right about the current state of the patch and how it will make it into the main release. It is possible to make the plugin allow pasting multiple tags into an item.... My original intent was to implement the multiple-tagging via a plugin, but it was tricky to do the way that I wanted to do it (via the textbox in the tags pane) because the plugin can't change the function of the textbox callback (I didn't know how to do it at least; there might be a messy way of doing it). When I asked the developers about how to make it work as a plugin, they told me that they were willing to accept it as a patch, so I made the patch instead.

    It occurs to me now that I could make multiple-tagging work with the plugin though, if I didn't do it via the textbox but instead just added the current contents of the clipboard to the item as a newline-delimited list of tags, so if you had used the plugin's tag-copying function you would paste in all of the tags to the item. I am a little swamped right now, but I will try to add this function to the plugin soon.
  • (btw. - the release including Will's patch will come out on November 20th due to necessary Firefox compatibility updates. I'd guess that it will be labelled 3.1 - judging by the current trunk it won't be a very big release).
  • Thanks, adamsmith. It is nice to know the date of release.

    Matthew Dodd (and anyone else interested), I updated my plugin to include the tag pasting function I described above. It has been a while since I updated it, so let me know if you have any problems (e.g. when I first pushed to github I forgot to update the .xpi file).
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