Timelines for Zotero network Server source code availability


our research group would like to decide very soon (before July/August) for a reference management solution. We realy like and prefer Zotero but we need a solution to include the pdf files of the references.
To use file storage of Zotero might be an option, but as our internet connection is very "thin" the data transfer of the pdf files from and to Zotero server of all of our group members within our intranet would block our connectivity. And thats why our IT people would never give their ok for such a solution.

So another solution has to be find. In different discussions I've read that such a solution will come soon.
Could anybody of the Zotero developers please give me any idea of the timelines for such a solution?
And also important: how will this solution work? Together with a local SQLite installation? Will it be possible for more than one person to work (read&write) with the same database at the same time?
Thank you in advance for any information!
  • ubauer - the Zotero server code will be released eventually (and, according to what the Zotero people said should have been released weeks ago), but I fear you misunderstood what type of solution that entails:

    The server code will _not_ be supported and it not be ready for install on a local setting. It's almost certainly possible to adjust the code for a local setting - and people (outside of the core Zotero team) have expressed their interest in doing that and, if successful, they might be willing to share their work, but as you can see that's a lot of ifs and mights.
  • Thank you, Adam, for clarification.
    Is anybody of this "outside of the core Zotero team" people here to give me some more details of their plans?
  • you should post in the threads where they have posted previously -
    the people posting weren't regulars around here, so it's unlikely they'll see something that's not in "their" thread.
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