importing a Citation (capital C) datafile

I have been using Citation (capital C - a name brand from for a long time and especially like its ability to create linked notecards, but I'm very intrigued by Zotero's added attractions -- especially its web-friendliness and superior search capabilities, a big weakness of Citation. So I have been trying to import a large Citation datafile (or even a small sample of records from it), but am having trouble. (Searching the Zotero discussions for advice turns up lots of comments about lower-case citations but not upper-case Citation.)

I exported my datafile using Citation's RIS format and saved it as an ASCII .txt file (also tried ANSI), but the individual records get combined into a single record when I import it into Zotero, I lose foreign characters (even after saving the txt file with UTF-8 encoding), and several auxiliary fields (year, short/subsequent cite, all keywords, access phrase) get dumped into Zotero's date field. In short, a real mess.

Any ideas? I'd really like to give Zotero a try but can't face life without my current datafile.
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    Can you try to make the smallest RIS file that fails for both counts (e.g. one with only two records, but containing foreign characters that fail to import & preferably as few fields as possible that show these issues)?

    Then copy/paste it here (checking that the output is the same as you see in a UTF-8 capable text editor).
  • I have exported Citation files as Endnote (.enl) using Citation's format, that can be imported into Zotero.

    But be aware that records in Citation's" Book- Extended Form" lose their Book title on importing and need to have the form changed to "Book" before exporting.

    Journal formats seem OK but you may need to experiment a bit.
  • Thanks for the tips. What didn't work one way seems to have worked the other way.

    The good news: I made a little Citation data file, as suggested, of two records (one English, the other French), exported it as an Endnote file, converted it to UTF-8 encoding, and it worked, accents and all. Thanks! (Though too bad about the need to change book forms.)

    In case you (or others) are interested, I also tried exporting the little Citation datafile directly (as a ANSI txt file, converted to UTF-8 encoding), and now Zotero wouldn't take it at all (neither as ANSI or as UTF-8). I got an "Alert" that say "No translator could be found for the given file." Fyi, here's what the file looks like in Notepad:

    AU - Acollas
    AU - Lemaire
    CT - Banques nationales foncières par division départmental, conciliant les intérêts des propriétaires, des capitalistes, des départements de l'état
    CY - Paris
    PY - 1848
    %2 Banques nationales foncières
    %K FR; CO; BK; 19c;
    %F Acollas & Lemaire 1848

    TY - JOUR
    AU - Adams, Edward F.
    TI - The trust in politics
    J0 - Overland Monthly
    PY - 1899 August
    VL - 34
    IS - 200
    SP - 120-22
    %2 Trust in Politics
    %K US; trusts; politics; regulation; 19c; concentration;
    %F Adams 1899

    I'd be interested to know if you see any problems with that. In any case, thanks again to both of you.
  • What happens if you remove the tags with the %? Those seem wrong.
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    Several problems with that format:

    'TY' is a required field that isn't present for your first record.

    All records must terminate with the 'ER -' tag. That they don't might be the reason it all got imported as one record.

    %2, %K, and %F aren't valid fields & aren't deliminated with a dash

    %2 looks like it might be the 'T2 -' tag
    Is %K keywords? If so, that is the 'KW -' tag.
    %F should be replaced with 'ID -', I think.
  • Yes, I wondered about the % characters and figured some kind of record delimiter was missing. Well, I think I'll just convert to Endnote format first, rather than trying to fix these problems with Citation's RIS format. I've 6,000+ records in my datafile and haven't even experimented yet with the "Notes" records. Thanks again for your help with this.
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