Volume number appearing in in-text citation

I just upgraded to Zotero 2.0.2 this morning, and now all of the citations I have in my text have the author, date, and volume number. I'm using Chicago Manual of Style, Author Date format, and I only want the author and the date to appear in the text.

Does anyone know how to remove the volume number? I considered removing it manually in my 300+ citations, but that would take forever. In addition, I realized that I needed the volume number to appear in the Bibliography, so I didn't want to remove it from Zotero.

Any ideas about how to get my citations to again only have the author and date?

Thank you.
  • Well, that's not right! I can confirm this with openoffice 3.2 Zotero 2.02 3.0a6r5850

    I would have thought this would be a style issue rather than a plug-in issue - but it doesn't seem to have been altered for a year.
  • Thanks for your response. I think the issue should be resolved. But, in the meantime, I found a work around. The steps are below.

    1) I closed all documents that had Zotero citations in them, except the document I was working on.

    2) I opened the preferences in Zotero.

    3) On the "Styles" tab, I highlighted the offending style (in this case, Chicago Manual of Style, Author-Date format) and hit the minus button near the bottom of the tab, to remove this style. Then, I got out of the Zotero preferences.

    4) Then I went back to my document, went to the "Add-Ins" tab, and clicked on "Zotero Set Doc Prefs." (The icon looks like a gear in Word 2007.)

    5) I then randomly chose a different style and hit OK. (I used another Chicago version, which is right below the one I had been using.)

    6) Then Zotero changed all of my citations to this new style.

    7) Then I went back into Zotero preferences and clicked on the "Get additional styles" link in the "Styles" tab.

    8) I then chose an older version of my preferred citation style, from the webpage that opened, and downloaded and installed it. (The one I chose was Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date format) 2009-03-31 17:30:00.) I then hit OK to get out to Zotero preferences.

    9) Then, I went back into my document, went to Zotero Doc preferences again, and chose the new (old) version of Chicago author date.

    This effectively reversed the update to a new version of Chicago Author Date style, one that I knew worked right.

    This is a good work around if you're worried about the effects of the recent Zotero update, but it does not solve the problem. There should be a way to identify which fields you want to include in your in-text citations. (In addition, I'd like a way to identify which fields I want to be included in my bibliography. For example, I would like to keep the DOI information in Zotero, but I don't want it printed in my bibliography.)
  • it doesn't seem to have been altered for a year.
    Elena made some changes a few weeks ago. 2.0 builds use the latest dev versions of public styles automatically.
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    All those steps aren't necessary. Just click here to install the old one and refresh your document (or, if that doesn't do it, restart Firefox and refresh your document).

    We'll fix the style and push a new version.
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    One of my daydreams for 2.1 is a style error reporting facility in the citation editor, similar to the gear menu "Report Errors" item.

    The idea would be for the user to start by editing the citation into the desired form. The reporting machinery could then compose a human-readable test fixture using the modified citation, the current style, the item data registered in the processor, and the sequence of locator information in citations leading to the current position (i.e. the JS object used in the CITATION-ITEMS section of a test fixture). This would yield a test fixture that reproduces the environment of the offending citation, and unambiguously illustrates the problem. Access to the reporting facility could be limited to styles that contain a registered email address for one or more style authors, and the report could be sent to that address or addresses for action.

    Such a gadget would help with error reporting on issues that are awkward or difficult to explain in writing (like disambiguation transformations). It would help shift the support burden for individual styles away from Zotero Central (ultimately, we hope, to publishers that rely on them). It would also allow style designers to quickly build test suites against standard data sets, which would be very beneficial to the stability and future development of CSL.
  • I just tested Chicago Author-Date, and I don't get volume number unless it's present in the citation. Can someone send me a sample reference I could test? I will fix this but I need some more examples. Thanks.
  • Never mind--found and fixed the problem. The style should be available soon from the styles page. Dan, can you push the new version? Thanks.
  • Hello all,

    I still have the problem (using Mac and Word 2008, Zotero 3.02) that in Chicago-style, the in-text citation shows the volume number. I just updated to the newest Chicago version, but the problem still is there.
    For example the bibliography shows:

    Sumner, Andy, Nick Ishmael‐Perkins, and Johanna Lindstrom. 2009. Making Science of Influencing: Assessing the Impact of Development Research. Vol. 335. IDS Working Papers. Brighton: IDS.

    In-text cited as (Sumner, Ishmael‐Perkins, and Lindstrom 2009, 335:23).

    Any ideas on how I can fix that? Thanks!
  • Update - I noticed that I mistakenly had entered a "volume" instead of a "series number" in the database. Changing this made the problem disappear. Strangely, the bug doesn´t appear in case of journal articles that have a volume number either...
  • Anna - not a bug - I'd have to double-check, but I believe that's correct Chicago style.
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