Identifier not working

Hi, followed the debug steps and here is the ID: D242857885

The book is in the worldcat catalogue and I´m getting most of the outputs as fail. Even alice in wonderlan failed at first, and then strangely came up.

  • You're getting blocked by WorldCat. If you've added a bunch of ISBNs recently that required WorldCat, that's probably the reason. That ISBN works for me.

    As a temporary workaround, you can save from the WorldCat page.
  • Thanks for the reply. Strange cause I haven't been doing any...

    I'll use the workaround, but is there any way of resetting worldcat or maybe setting up a different provider?

  • I am looking for help with an ISBN number. Zotero can't find it, but the publisher and the website "" recognize the number. is there a way for me to add to the search list? Of course, what I need is for zotero to populate the bibliographic reference page, and I don't know how that is done.
  • Worldcat also has the book, what is the protocol for saving "from the worldcat page"?
  • You add from the Wordlcat website as from any other website:

    For anything else we'd need to see a sample ISBN and a debug ID as above (and no, you can't add isbnsearch to add metadata from ISBNs)
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