sync problem: The creator name too long

edited 7 days ago
Hi I am getting the following error with syncing. I cannot find the "creator name" in the meta data for the pdf and the fields in zotero don't include this - the authors name there is just the authors name! Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

> The creator name “Associate Professor Sarah Wise, University of Melb…” in one of your items is too long to sync. Shorten the field and sync again.

> If you receive this message repeatedly for items saved from a particular site, you can report this issue in the Zotero Forums.
  • 'creator' is just a catch-all term for author, editor, etc. You have one that contains the entire affiliation for Sarah Wise.
  • Okay thank you - with that information I managed to figure it out. The journal article with that author wasn't the one that was causing a problem. There was a website that I had saved at the same time which was including the same author and everyone else in a single string. Thanks.
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