Using Zotero in a public library

I'm working in an academic French library, and I would like to install Zotero on the computers in the library rooms. The computers are freely available, without any log-in or password.
I need to know how to do so that a user can synchronize his data with the Zotero server, work on Zotero (add references, create collections...), and then leave the computer "clean" so that the next user won't find all the references from the former one.
Thank you for your help !

  • There is no elegant solution for this at this time. There are plans to better support this use case in the future but for the time being the following steps are your best option.

    You can direct visitors to put their username and password into the sync pane of the preferences. They can then sync. This will pull down all of their items. From there they can add as many items as they like. At any point they can click the sync button to push back any new items they added to their library. Once they are finished they can remove their username and password. If you were running software that wipes out the users activity on the computer before another user logs on that would be all, but otherwise they would need to manually delete the local library. For this purpose deleting the zotero.sqlite file and the storage folder in your Firefox profile would do the trick.
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