An error occurred while saving using CNKI

Error ID 1938906670:An error occurred while saving using CNKI. Try saving with DOI instead.
An error occurred while saving this entry. View translator troubleshooting for more information.
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    JavaScript Error: "HTTP POST failed with status code 0"
    Requests to export data from CNKI are failing. There've been many reports of this, so this is due to some sort of change to the site — either a temporary outage or a permanent change.

    Someone (@ZoeCMa, @l0o0?) will need to investigate and see if it's still possible to export data.

    (I'm not sure whether most people are using the built-in CNKI translator or the one from the translators_CN project, but I suspect both would be affected in this case.)
  • Solution: 如果安装了茉莉花插件,先找到Zotero首选项-茉莉花插件-“非官方维护中文翻译器”,点击更新全部。之后在浏览器插件zotero connector中找到“扩展选项”-advanced-translators-undate. 重启Zotero以及浏览器。The problem should be solved!
  • 还是没有解决,我替换了zotero路径translator里的CNIK文件,还重新安装了茉莉花确保是11.23最新版,然后再Edge浏览器里的扩展选项里advanced-translators-update,log显示已经实时更新,但是还是出现“使用 CNKI 保存时出错。请尝试改用 DOI 进行保存。
  • We've rolled out a new version of the built-in CNKI translator by @l0o0, which I believe should be the same version now available via the Jasminum plugin.

    Your Zotero Connector should automatically update to the new translator within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.
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