Bug 7.0.0-beta.40 hover window size is abnorma

7.0.0-beta.40+24ae34104 (64-bit)

In the latest version of the update, there was an issue with the abnormal size of the floating window. Previous versions are displayed normally
  • It seems you are using some plugin. What happens after you disabled all plugins?
  • After closing all plugins, there is nothing left in the floating window. The previous version did not use plugins without this problem. Has the passing interface of the floating window been modified?
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EilvGuNoPQG4y8EelHeKuBt7Mn4mAeTY/view?usp=sharing
    It is normal for the floating window to float when there is less text selected. However, if the selected text exceeds a certain amount, there will be abnormal floating windows and color markings, which only occurs at 40. 40 Is there any change in the interface related to the floating window?

  • This is a plugin feature.
    Plugin issues should be reported to their GitHub page.
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