cannot export items after laptop rebuild

I had to have my laptop re-built recently and so I had to upload the Zotero app again. I also re-installed the connector. However, I can see the items in my library but all my folders have gone, and now I cannot export anything into my library. Does anyone have any ideas why this could have happened?
Many thanks
  • Not sure what you mean here.

    If you're using the same Zotero data directory, all your data would be present.

    If you exported to a file format other than Zotero RDF and reimported, you would have lost all your collections, since that's not a backup.

    But you have over a dozen collections in your online library, so all you should need to do is to sync to pull down your data, unless you deleted data within Zotero locally.

    I also don't know what you mean by "I cannot export anything into my library".
  • Hi
    I was actually messaging on behalf of a student who didn't want to post. I will get back to them and try to find out more, so it is not about my personal account. I think she didn't choose the correct connector for the browser she is using, but I am not sure. She just said all her folders had gone and she couldn't export any more citations from the databases she was using.
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