Can't resize columns in middle pane (but figured out why...)

This started as a request for help, but I found the source of the problem. Hopefully this thread will be noticed by those with this problem.

After making a new Firefox profile, installing a bunch of extensions, and configuring them, I couldn't resize the metadata columns in the middle pane of Zotero. I did resize the columns before so I knew this feature exists.

Firefox's bookmarks and history could still be resized. Deleting localstore.rdf did not fix the problem. Both my old Firefox profile and this new one had the issue. The error console returned nothing related to Zotero.

I started disabling extensions. The problem seems to stem from one called InvisibleHand:

As InvisibleHand didn't work right anyway I disabled it.
  • also the firefox add-on Alpheios Basic libraries causes the same problem: you cannot adjust the width of the columns.

    thanks for the post, it gave me the idea of disabling the other addons.
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