Database upgrade error

Hello, After I migrated files to my new MacBook Pro, I get this:

Database upgrade error

Unix error 13 during operation remove on file /Users/annming/Zotero/zotero.sqlite.1.bak (Permission denied)
(No stack trace)
From previous event:

I tried checking permissions under Finder, and it says I have both Read and Edit permissions.

I also tried upgrading (no help) and also restarting the computer (no help) and then uninstalling the old version and downloading current version (no help). I'm still getting this error.

  • If you're getting a permission-denied error, you'll need to fix the permissions for all files and folders in the Zotero data directory. I'm afraid you'll need to figure that out on your end (e.g., by asking someone technical to look at it for you) — this isn't a problem in Zotero itself, and we can't provide general OS troubleshooting here.
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