Zotero to MS Word workflow

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you to all the Zotero developers for such a wonderful platform.

My current workflow when reviewing literature is to read the PDF in Zotero's native reader -> highlight text -> manually copy phrases or rephrase them -> paste or type in MS Word -> add citation in MS Word.

Is there a more efficient workflow to do this?

I tried to add highlights to a Zotero note then copy-paste (+/- rephrasing or editing) to MS Word, but after pasting to MS Word, the citation is just in plain text form rather than a Zotero citation link.
  • Use the "Insert Note" button in the Zotero Word add-on to get quotes with live citations from Zotero into Word
  • Thanks Adam! The citation (using APA) in Zotero notes includes the page number and gets copied over to MS Word once I use the Add Note function. Is there a way to remove the page number from the citation in MS Word? Or not including the page number in Zotero Notes in the first place?
  • No -- why wouldn't you want the page number though? That'd be required in most author-date styles for literal citations.
  • Unfortunately our institution does not like the page to be included, just the (Author, Date) style.
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    These are real Zotero citations, so you can click Add/Edit Citation on each one and remove it via the citation dialog, but it might be easier for you to just customize the style to not include page numbers.
  • We can tell you how to edit the APA style -- but are you sure about this? Removing page numbers from direct citations directly contradicts the APA manual (and would generally be considered poor practice across most disciplines)
  • I'll bring it up with our faculty again, but leaving page numbers out seem to be their preference.
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