[beta] Assigning colored tag changes sort order in group

Not a huge deal, but a weird glitch:

Debug ID: D616576802

Steps to reproduce (Steps 1-3 are from memory, but I can consistently reproduce 4+5, which is also what the debug covers):
1. Sort item tree by "Attachments" column
2. Add an attachment to an item that didn't have one
3. Resort or take some other action that updates the sort order
4. Assign a colored tag to that item using number key
5. The item gets sorted back to its original position in the item tree, as if it didn't have an attachment (although, of course it still does).

This is all in a group, though that seems unlikely to matter.
  • I can't reproduce that, though the first bug here would be in (3) — adding an attachment should update the order when Attachments is the sort column without needing to do something to trigger that. We'll start by fixing that, and I'd guess that might fix what you're seeing.
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