Kindle to Zotero it is possible?

I use to read a lot of book on Kindle and Kindle App, so i want to add these book on Zotero it is possible?
  • That would be wonderful, at least for the references (I understand it may not be possible for the Kindle ebook itself).

    Is there a some way of bulk importing all metadata for one's Kindle books without having to do it for each book individually ?
  • I have the same question/issue. I have over 3,000 books in Kindle format, and I'd like to be able to pull reference metadata (not the text) into Zotero, for all of these Kindle books. Better still, I would love to be able to import the books' specifics – Title, author, publisher, date, etc. and, in some ideal world, my highlights and notes. I know how to pull in info via the ISBN# – one ebook at a time. But I know that a piece of software could eliminate this formidable time sync. Any idea if someone (Amazon, 3rd parties, etc.) have made this possible?
  • Calibre allows you to export eBooks metadata as .bib files (which can be imported into Zotero) through its „Create catalog“ feature.
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