My local storage is full, but I want to maintain personal and group library online

My local storage on my computer is full, so I have switched settings to "download files as needed". I have purchased unlimited storage with Zotero. How do I delete the local files that I am not accessing regularly to free up local drive space?
Does this happen automatically? Can I speed it up?
  • It doesn't currently happen automatically, no. If you're sure you're fully synced, you can create a saved search for PDFs in your Zotero/storage folder ( using your operating systems search function and then simply delete all files in the resulting virtual folder (just to re-iterate -- this is in your file system, not Zotero: if you delete files in Zotero, they'll also be deleted on the server).

    I think a setting to only keep downloaded files for so long is planned for Zotero, but no ETA
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